Flor de Fornells Pure Salt

Flor de Fornells is the result of the effect of the wind and the sun on the Mediterranean Sea water. It is hand harvested from theinter locking shallow ponds to preserve its light and crunchy texture. It is vacuum-packed after it issun-dried. It is 100% natural without additives. It has the right moisture content and thus it easily melts over the food.

Sun-dried Tomato Flor de Fornells

Sun-dried tomatoes are salty. They are cut up and mixed with the salt. It is packed right after the remaining juice from the tomatoes has crystallized with the fleur de sel during the drying process. It is delicious with avocado with oil, green asparagus, courgette or carrot cold soups, clams, pasta or rice.

Flor de Fornells all’Arrabbiatta

This mixture is addressed tolovers of Italian and spicy food. The popular mixture all’Arrabbiatta will be the perfect touch not only for your sauces for pasta and pizza bases but also for your legumes and al dente, grilled, baked or steamed vegetables. You will not regret adding it to your patatasbravas (fried potatoes with bravasauce).

Rosemary Flor de Fornells

Truly Minorcan, this mixture is made with leaves harvested on the island. Rosemary is a herb widely used in Mediterranean cuisine;Minorcans claim to use this mixture for their lamb and rabbit barbeques and baked vegetables.

Ginger Flor de Fornells

Ginger is a root which is widely used in Asian cuisine. The fleur de sel with ginger bits mixture is crunchy and slightly spicy. If you like sweet and sour flavors, you can use it to season fresh pineapples or figs, sauces, warm chicken or fish salads, carrot and orange soup and marinate fish, especially tuna.

Dill Seeds Flor deFornells

If you chew dill seeds, you will notice a slight lemon flavor and a woody touch. It is recommended to season rice or garnish and to marinate food, especially white fish. It also is a flavor enhancer for cockles, clams, razor shells….

Cumin Flor de Fornells

Cumin is widely used in Arab and Asian cuisine; it also can be found in Mexican and African sauces. Oil-rich, it has an intense and sweeter smell. This mixture of fleur de sel and cumin is recommended for tomato salads, mushroom omelets, chicken or lamb tajine (Moroccan meal) and, of course, for stews, casseroles, lentils or peas.

Paprika Flor de Fornells

This mixture is addressed to those who love grilled food. It combines the flavor of the salt and the sweet flavor of the paprika. It can be used with meat or fish and is ideal to season octopus, lamb, stews and fried food.

Coriander seeds Flor de Fornells

Coriander is a spice widely used in Caribbean cuisine, especially to make ceviches (raw fish with sweet and sour sauce) to which it gives a fresh flavor similar to mint. This mixture contains crushed and whole seeds. This way the flavor of the seeds will be spread all over your palate. It can be used with grilled or baked fish and with spinach, lamb’s lettuce and honey. It is excellent to season fresh Fromage Blanc like feta, mozzarella or Burgos. Tofu fans will be surprised by the combination of these flavors.

Pepper Flor de Fornells

It can be used to season all kind of dishes: salads, fish, meat and seafood. It is very practical if you don’t want to use common salt. It is the perfect mixture if you start the day with a salty breakfast, or you love Bloody Mary.

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